Geracommerce Ltd. is a private trade company. The company started in 1994 with metal trade and production of metal parts. In 1996 Geracommerce Ltd. transformed and focused its activity on import, export and re-export of products for the army and police.

Geracommerce Ltd. trades with complete range of military equipment and goods, and goods with possible dual porpose as:

·         Ammunitions, armament, armoured vehicles, etc.

·         Electronic warfare means, radar equipment, etc.

·         Naval craft and equipment, etc.

Geracommerce Ltd. arranges all kinds of repairs of units and parts of armoured vehicles, vessels and naval equipment, etc.

Geracommerce Ltd. already carries out swapping and leasing services.

Geracommerce Ltd. assists its clients, especially Bulgarian manufacturers, with credits, markets and sells their goods.

The Geracommerce Ltd. management is committed to keeping its reputation of a reliable partner, providing diverse qualitative military goods, spare parts, after sale services and training on favorable conditions.

Geracommerce Ltd. is the main shareholder of the Russian-Bulgarian company "Vzaimnost-97" Ltd. that also deals with military goods.

Geracommerce Ltd. follows the Government policy of the Republic of Bulgaria in the scope of trade with military goods. The company works closely with NATO countries and countries of the former East block.











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Dipl. Eng Peter Kanaliev









Geracommerce Ltd

Head Office
Sveta Troitza, Bl. 381, B
1309 Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel./Fax: +359 2/928 1759
+359 2/929 7130

Trade Office
Mladost, Bl. 314, A
1712 Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel./Fax: +359 2/761 987
+359 2/974 5561
+359 2/753 125